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Indiginous Comunities
Visits to indigenous communities are a great attraction in Panama. The impression in seeing the indigenous communities is surprising, the sensation a visitor gets is as though they were traveling back in time, towards the pre Colombian era, it is unimaginable.
Panama is a country of culture, traditions, with its own identity, different from the other Central American countries. It is a plural and mixture population and society as the result of its past, its geographical position in the isthmus between two oceans, joining the South and North American. Its territory served in the remote times as the main route of American indigenous people to move from one side of the continent to the other.

At times, historians must unite the mosaics of possibilities and inquire in the indigenous languages to understand why the name of Panama. The significance has been reported meaning abundance of fish and butterflies as well as beautiful tree that grown on this land.

Panama is one of the few countries in the whole continent where the indigenous people live today the way they lived hundreds years ago. They have their own authorities, rules; ancient customs are preserved and very well protected by the Constitution of Panama.

Panamanians are very friendly and generous people, with a lot of traditions which are encouraged and practiced by the families as well as fomented by authorities at national and local level. National and local festivities, religious celebrations are part of the daily life of Panamanians.

It is a country with a past and tradition but also with a vibrant culture in the present times who invigorate the prospect of development and its brilliant future as a nation.

Popular Music, Salsa, rhythms, dance, night life, chivas parranderas, ballet, theatre, symphonic and camera music, folkloric music, handcraft, the famous Panamanian hat, handmade indigenous clothes, very well known sport stars, fine arts, Panama Canal, a wonder of the modern times, everything you may think of, a lot of cultural things from where to learn and experience, all of that in just an small country of less than 3 million inhabitants. Amazing, unexpected, come to see it by yourself.
Visit Mi Pueblito
Interesting tour which will allow you to learn more on the traditions and past of the Panamanian people.

Visit Colón and Panama´s past
To visit Colon is to travel back in time to Panama´s past.
Visit Portobelo
Attractive visit to the pictoresque Portobelo: a town marked for its historic and cultural richness.

Panama City and Historic District Tour
Panama City is a universe full of contrasts, where history and the modernism get together to highlight three cities marked by time: Old Panama, the historical area and the majestic modern urban region.

Panamenian Folkloric Dinner Show
Enjoy an exquisite Panamanian dinner with typical music and dances.
During this authentic Panamenian folkloric dinner show you will enjoy a dance performance, which demonstrates the Spanish, African, and Indian influences in our culture. You will be amazed at the display of our national dress, the beautiful “Pollera” -one of the most spectacular folkloric dresses in the world-.

Nocturnal Panama-Chiva Parrandera Party Bus
The La Chiva Parrandera is a typical bus that will take you to the most beautiful sites of Panama City at night.

Tour of Panama City and Panama Canal
Come and see one of the Wonder of Humankind, the Panamá Canal; visit the Old City & the Financial District of this incredible city of Panamá.

Tour the Canal Area and Miraflores
Visit the Panama Canal: Extraordinary engineering piece of the 20th century and a transit route between two oceans.

Panama Canal Partial Transit
Enjoy the opportunity of Crossing the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal Ocean to Ocean Transit
Take an adventure through the surprising Panama Canal, where you will have access to a universe of two oceans in only one day.

Train along the Panama Canal and Visit of Portobelo
Experience the history and nature of the isthmus while travelling on train along the Panama Canal and the city of Portobelo.

Emberá Indigenous Village
Accompany us on a tour that will take you back in time, a magical tour allowing you to share experiences with the Emberá ethnic group.

Visit Metropolitan Natural Park
Take an aventure from the city and meet healthy and pure natural paradise.

Visit the city of David
Interesting visit to the city of David, site of the San Jose International Fair, capital of Chiriquí Province.

Following Las Cruzes Trail
A site full of history and surrounded by incredible biodiversity which will make you live an unforgettable experience.

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