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  Travel to Etnic and local communities, Tours to Embera Tribe, Tours to Kunas Tribe Visits to indigenous communities are a great attraction in Panama. The impression in seeing the indigenous communities is surprising, the sensation a visitor gets is as though they were traveling back in time, towards the pre Colombian era, it is unimaginable.

Past and present gets together to show you 7 indigenous ethnias, distributed throughout the country, from Chiriquí to the dense forests of Darién. Different ethnic groups which still maintain much alive their traditions, dances, songs and arts and crafts of great cultural value. Communities that stand out are: Kunas, Emberás and Nöbe-Buglé all descendents of the first population to inhabit these lands.

Many of these towns live legally protected in region. The laws that govern all of Panamanians, the Constitution, laws as well as decrees and Panamanian resolutions, also protect them, if they are are not in their region. In all of the ethnic communities, rules Convention 169 of 1989. They have the right to conserve their customs and own institutions.

Seven indigenous communities, distributed in 5 reserves or region: Kuna Yala, Emberá-Wounaan (divided in Cemaco and Sambu), Madugandi, Wargandi, Ngöbe-Buglé.

PanamaTopTravel in coordination with the indigenous and local authorities organize visits, excursions and programs that will allow a visitor to enter in contact with culture, traditions and a way to life of these ethnic groups or indigenous communities in Panama.
  Emberá-Wounaan   Bokotá   Bokotá
Kuna Yala   Kuna Yala   Nasos o Teribes   Nasos o Teribes
Ngöbe-Buglé   Ngöbe-Buglé   Bri Bri   Bri Bri
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