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Panama Golf Club
  Panama Golf Club

The Panama Golf Club is a private, exclusive, sports and social club located in Panama City, aimed at strengthening family ties in a healthy environment surrounded by an excellent panoramic view. It is surrounded by a large amount of trees and lakes, allowing its partners to enjoy a hospitable landscape, while enjoying a great golf course.

The Club was designed for international and local events at a professional or amateur level. It complies with international requirements like the fact that the 9 and 18 holes end close to the Casa Club.

Past History: Its history dates back to the second half of the 20th century, when a group of ex officials of the US army and navy were looking for ways of spending time and practice the golf they used to play in the US. They thought of the idea of creating a golf course that would allow them to enjoy their favorite sport.

Technical Characteristics:
-Adult Club: Courses of 18 holes, 70 par and a total of 7,043 yards.
-Children´s Club: 6 holes, 3 par with distances from “tee” and “green” no more than
150 yards.

General Information: The specialized personnel, like “marshalls” and “starters” regulate the departure and the behavior inside the field, assuring the players to enjoy the game.

The Club offers its partners a “Driving Range” with a capacity for 40 simultaneous players, with indications of 100, 150, 200 and 250 yards with a total of 280 yards depth and whose platform was constructed thanks to the assessment of the agriculural expert.

Complementary Services: Pro Shop, has all what is necessary to play golf, tennis or to enjoy the pool, with golf bags, golf clubs, rackets, tennis balls, among others. You can also find photography film, T Shirts, hats and much more.

The club has a Bag Room in which its partners can leave its golf equipment with total security. Meanwhile, the equipment will receive the necessary maintainance while in the Bag Room which includes among others, the cleaning of the clubs and bag.

The golf carts are in dispositions of its partners and guests.

The athletes or partners and guests, can enjoy a relaxing massage service.

Golf and tennis courses are also offered.

Children´s Court: The children´s court has its own Casa Club and it is used as a practice area, for special classes and tournaments. To improve its game level it has: camera, armaster connection strap, flexi grip ball, foot wedge, hich tech putting track, grip master, impact bag, pro wedge Angel, etc.

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