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  San Blas Island  
  San Blas Island  
  San Blas Island  
  - El Porvenir Island (provincial capital of the region)
- Kuna culture.
- Achutupu Islands, Holandeses Keys (Mauqui), Pelicanos, Coco Blanco, Hierba and other islands (ideal for snorkeling)
- The protected wildlife Nusagandi Reserve in the Kuna Yala Mountain Range.
- Beaches in the different Islands of the Archipelago (365 islands).
- Carti Museum.
- The Kuna Revolution’s celebrations and parties, February 25th in the Carti Islands, Playón Chico, Aligandi and Ustupu.
- Mandinga and Gangandi Communities of the Mandinga River (Adventure Tourism).
- A walk through Lano-Carti up to the islands of the Kuna region along the edge of the mountain range.
-Life together with a Kuna family.
- Tour by sea from Miramar to the Porvenir islands.
- The Kuna Yala Gulf.
- The Ibe Igar waterfall in the Kuna Natural Reserve.
- The vestiges of the Punta Escoces of 1698 in the region.
- The Kuna cayucos.
- The region’s tourism and arts and crafts fairs.

Other islands: Narganá, Corazón de Jesús, Wichuwala, Ailigandí, Iskardup, Nalunanega and Pargo island.
  • Uaginega Ecoresort

This island is located in Panama´s Caribbean region like a necklace of coral islands emerged in the San Blas Archipelago, also known as the Kuna Yala region. It is made up of 365 islands and known as one of the most popular ecotourism spots in Central America and the Caribbean. This famous archipielago offers two uncomparable sites: Caribbean islands of spectacular beauty and a chance to learn about the Kunas community. These are indigenous people that have lived in the region for centuries. The El Porvenir island is the political capital of the San Blas region.

In a short flight from Panama City, you can travel back in time to the San Blas islands. You cannot reach this spot by land. Air Panama and Aeroperlas offers the visitor several daily flights to the different islands. Periodical flights connecting San Blas to the other islands is only offered during the morning, so you must be prepared to lodge. Some islands offers you single hotels or guest houses. The lodging installation is constructed with the region´s typical resources like palm, bamboo, straw and wood which blends perfectly with the marvelous tropical scenery. Lodging generally includes, traditional food prepared by the Kunas.

The islands in the archipelago are naturally beautiful and peaceful. It has been formed by an accumulation of coral, covered with palm trees found in beautifully indescribable waters, there are no wild animals and the tropical climate is perfect. The islands offers you excellent white sand beaches where you can enjoy swimming, snorkel, practice some kayac or do some fishing. The coral reefs are gardens of endless shapes and colors where few people have the previlege to see. Walkers can enjoy the exuberant tropical forests considered by many the popular attraction. The wildlife is different and abundant and there are many unique bird species in the area.

The impression by many upon arriving to the islands is incredible: the sensation of having traveled in time is unimaginable. You will be surprised at how its inhabitants, the Kunas indigenous people have maintained its ancestral customs and peculiar way of life intact and defended for centuries. It will truely be a dream come true. The islands or peoples most visited are the: Narganá, Corazon de Jesus, Wichuwala, Ailigandí, Iskardup, Nalunanega and Isla del Pargo. To travel to other islands you will need the permission from the indian chief and lodging is limited.

The Kunas are considered the best organized indigenous group in Latin America. They have a well structured political system made up by a system of chiefs called “Sahilas”, that are in charge of the system of taxes, domestic laws and civil order. Although the Kunas are Panamanians, their land is sovereign and the Panamanian government have restrictions in that territory. The Kunas are workers and their task is defied according to gender.

Money is very important for this culture. To obtain money they sell their Molas has souvenirs and trade their catch which is considered arts and crafts, that is to say, they do not use any mechanical method in this activity. The architecture of their homes is simple, basically constructed with sugar cane. However, its structure is strong, capable of holding up to wind and strong rains.

Do not lose the chance of visiting their people and purchase the famous Molas made by hand by Kuna women. The Molas are pieces of fine cut cloth and sewed reflecting images of their culture, nature and animals. The attractive atire of the Kuna women in their surrounding environment offers a excellent opportunity for photos.

The Kunas people are jeaolous of its environment for which they protect and conserve. We recommend you to visit the islands with a tourism guide where he will help you explore and share alongside the environment of a more healthy and and fun way of life.

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