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  Taboga Island  
  Taboga Island  
  Taboga Island  

Flower Island, as Panamanian composer Ricardo Fábrega would sing is the pseudonym that identifies Taboga island, one of the most beautiful and exotic islands of the tropics and one of the favorites in Panama during holidays and weekends. Taboga is located in the warm tropical waters of the Gulf of Panama. It is just 12 nautical miles south of Panama City. It is the center of a district that is made up by islands of Taboga, Urabá, Taboguilla, Melones, Chamá, Estivá and Otoque.

There are two ferrys that transport passengers to and from the island 7 days a week. From the capital city you can begin a short ride on board a speedboat, crossing the Las Americas Bridge and in approximately one hour, you will reach the small but incredible Taboga with vast and colorful history.

The town of Taboga was founded around 1549 and was home to free slaves, conquistadors, pirates, soliders and artists. It is said that the small church located in the plaza was the second construction in the hemisphere. Since the time of the French in the Canal in 1885, the island was benefitted economically with the construction of this magnificent work of engineering in the early 20th century.

At that time a Clinic for convalescent patients was constructed in Taboga. It is said that one of the most distinguished patients was the famous French painter Paul Gaugain. During World War II there was a US military base located on the Cerro de la Cruz which represented an economic advantage due to the number of soldiers and officials stationed at the center.

The Isla de las Flores is famous for its narrow lanes and its outlined floral paths, an island with a permanent presence of flowers. It has always conserved its colonial environment, countless parks and private homes which have multiplied throughout the years. A community inhabited by a few number of people and surrounded by spendid beaches whose natural attractions has turned this tourism destination as a special site. Tropical fruits and seafood are abundant at Taboga.

The region´s flora is surpisingly full of natural vitality. The soft sea breeze is always present with temperatures ranging between 70 to 80 degress Fahrenheit. A humid tropical climate is always present, lots of sun and exuberant vegetation. It is believed that these islands are of volcanic origen.

The island offers a wide and seductive tourism infrastructure with several options for lodging, among hotels and apartments, restaurants, arts and crafts sites, facilities to rent diving equipment, boats, water motorcycles, in addition to swimming its warm transparent safe waters. Among the most favorites are: Restinga or Honda Beach. Taboga has diferrent places to enjoy fishing and diving in addition to snorkeling and kayac.

You can walk the town´s streets, learn its history and exchange among its inhabitants. The names of the streets remember its history among them is Francisco Pizarro (Spanish conquistador) and Subida del Coto. A visitor can also explore paths that surround the island like Las Tres Cruces or El Vigía and you can even go mountain climbing.

Speed boat trips can help you see the sites of marine birds, as well as whales and dolphins that arrive to the eastern part of the island where you can fine the Taboga wildlife refuge.

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