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  Contadora Island  
  Contadora Island  
  Contadora Island  
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Contadora Island is one of the many that make up the Las Perlas Archipelago. It is located some 30 miles outside the Pacific Coast in Panama City. These small islands have the finest sands in the region and can be compared with Bocas del Toro or San Blas.

Las Perlas archipelago has some 90 islands and approximately 130 islets or keys. Those that stand out due to its importance and size are Islas del Rey, San Jose, Pedro Gonzalez, Pacheca, Saboga, Chapera, Viveros, Contadora, among many others. Many of them are characterized by: spring waters, abundant wildlife, a flora and fauna typical of humid tropical forests; islands of volcanic origen with a vegetaton of special trees; many fruit tress and other species. San Telmo Island south of Rey Island has a sanctuary of wild animal life and Pacheca and Pachequilla islands are refuge to marine birds in danger of extinction.

The Las Perlas archipelago make up a marvelous paradise for nature lovers. The marine life, together with the beauty of its beaches, offers the opportunity of hosting big events, tournaments and fishing competitions. There several international fishing events have been registered here.

Contadora Island, is found further north of the Las Perlas Archipelago and has its own runway, regular flights to Panama City Airport, as well as Rey Island which is larger and is located more to the south. Contadora, as its name indicates, was where pearls were counted when catched in the archipelago with commercial means on route to Spain.

Contadora has turned into a vacation destination during the whole year. It is the most important of all the islands. Recently it has obtained international recognition, not only for the facilities offerd to a tourist, but because it has turned into an ideal site for summits. The island has a large amounts of private homes and is an excellent destination for many prosperous families in Panama. There are large mansions with private piers along the coast, with boats and pools. The island¬īs main streets are paved and some back streets are made of soil.

The island can be explored on scooters and bikes. Normally transportation is limited to golf carts, three or four wheeled motorcycles that can be rented by the hour or day. Contadora is the ideal site to get away from the busy urban life. This tourism destination has 13 peaceful beaches ideal for swimming, underwater fishing, height fishing, water skiing, among other water sports. In Cacique Beach, you can find the Villa Romantica Hostal and in Larga Beach you may find the Contadora Resort Hotel. Ejecutiva Beach is a beautiful spot to snack and go camping, while Las Suecas beach is isolated and discreet, in addition to being the only nudist beach in Panama. Other captivating resorts on the island are: Di Maggio Beach, Roca, Camaron, Fea, Canoa, Lucas and others.

In Contadora you can find excellent restaurants with bars, discos, stores, convention centers, pools, casinos, tennis courts, 9 hole golf course, direct telephone service with the capital or any part of the world.

If you want to extend your stay and visit other neighboring islands, you can arrange a trip at the marina or at the hotel and hostal office to visit Saboga an island across Contadora. Beyond and to the north you will find Bartolome and Pacheca islands. Continue south and you will reach the islands of San Joes, Mogo Mogo, Bayarena, Bola√Īos, Gilbrale√≥n, Casayeta, Galera among others.

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