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  • Coronado Golf Resort

The Pacific Coast of Panama has been previleged with the most extensive and well conditioned beaches in the country. Few close areas to the urban center offers a visitor beautiful resorts like those seen in the region.

In the middle of a dense tropical vegetation and surrounding towns, from Chame Point to Farallón, with a coastal and tourism belt of some 80 kilomters long with a large variety of beaches you will find the Coronado Beach.

Coronado´s history began with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the early 15th century. Formerly known as Chirú, the area was turned into the richness of Castilla de Oro. During the 18th century, Coronado was an area of savannah and vast plains that descended over the Pacific Ocean forming part of the first structure of legal possesion of lands, as property owners did not exist. This is how the first plantations were born, with this, the La Yeguala Farm was with time transformed into the most important recreational city: Coronado.

Coronado Beach is found approximately one hour from Panama City. Crossing the west side of the Canal over the Americas Bridge and following the path on the Interamerican Highway, you can reach the zone of the “Pacific Beaches”. There are buses that depart from the National Transportation Terminal located in Albrook, leaving visitors close to Coronado Beach or if you prefer you can rent a car and do the magical trip on your own.

Coronado Beach offers you the possibility of relaxing and entertainment. You can find recreation centers, practice water sports like sailing, speed boating, surfing, snorkelling or if you prefer you can walk along the beach, get a suntan laying on the fine sand or simply swim.

Take a great tour through Coronado, its lakes, gardens and visit an arts and crafts center, located at the entrance of the area. You can also tour other centers of interest, like the Bosque Seco de Coronado. Also worth touring is the Valle de Antón, observe a spectacular view of the area from Cerro Campana or go fishing to La Arenosa or at Gatún Lake, only 45 minutes riding through an excellent highway.

Coronado has been a place of much interest for Panamanians and foreigners in reference to properties with a view of the beach and resorts for weekends, as well as retirement homes. One of the main advantages of the region is its well established tourism infrastructure. These include first class hotels and apartments, supermarkets, pharmacies, variety of restaurants , medical clinics and veterinarian assistance, bars, warehouses, openair markets, among other services.

This marvelous destination has the previledge of having the Coronado Resort with one of the best professional golf courses in Latin America. The golf course has 18 holes with 72 par consisting of 7 092 yards, designed by Tom Fazio. In addition to the golf course, it also has professional tennis courts, spa, outdoor jacuzzi, pools, restaurants, bars, children´s club and horseback riding.

Coronado beach offers endless opportunities for you to enjoy a well deserved vacation. For this and much more, do not lose the chance in seeing for yourselve the beauty of nature in this region.

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