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  - City of Colón (provincial capital).
- Gatún Dam.
- Portobelo.(Historic and Fortifications Monumental Complex)
- Portobelo Black Christ.
- Portobelo´s National Park.
- San Jerónimo Fortress (Portobelo).
- San Lorenzo Fortress (Portobelo).
- Customs and Accountancy (Portobelo).
- Portobelo´s Black Christ Museum.
- Portobelo´s San Felipe Church.
- Galeta Island Marine Exhibitions.
- Grande Island.
- Chagras National Park.
- Gatún´s Floodgate in the Panama Canal.
- Colon´s Duty Free Zone.
- Colon´s Light House.
- Chagras River.
- Alajuela Lake.
- Gatún Lake.
- The El Tucán Visitors Center, Camino de Achiote.
- Bird Obsevation Sites in Coco Solo.
- La Angosta, María Chiquita, La Guaira and Isla Grande Beaches.
- Colón 2000 Cruise Ship Site.
- The Caribbean Waters of Palenque.
- The Emberá Communities in Gatún Lake.
- The Colón National Fair.
- Folkloric presentations of diablos and congos in Portobelo.
- The Gatún Lake Recreational Park (resort).
- Close islands with exuberant and marvelous vegetation like Mamey, Sordo, Palina, La Pelada, Linton, and Cabra, among others.
  • Meliá Canal Panamá

Colón is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, it is Panama´s second most important province. It measures 4,890 square kilometres, bordering north to the Caribbean Sea, south to the provinces of Coclé and Panama and east with the Kuna Yala region.

Colón is divided into five districts: Colón, Chagres, Donoso, Portobelo and Santa Isabel, made up by 40 administrative divisions. You can find the northern section of the Panama Canal in the city of Colón, capital of the province.

During times of splendour and prosperity as well as the long periods of abandonment and decline, Colón is a province marked for its historical, natural and cultural richness making the region attractive and valuable for tourism. It is a favourite spot for cruise ships that head towards the Panama Canal and a day of excursion from the capital of Panama.

With a typical port city environment, its capital Colón is located at the entrance of the North Atlantic of the Panama Canal. It was founded in 1850 when the train was constructed in Panama connecting the Atlantic and Pacific coast. Its economic development has had an important influence in Central America. It is the country’s second most important city, famous for its bazaars, beautiful beaches and Spanish colonial fortresses.

This is the center of Colon´s Duty Free Zone, considered to be the most important Free Zone in the western hemisphere and second largest import and re-distribution center in the world.

The picturesque town of Portobelo which means beautiful port is of interest in the area. It was baptized by Christopher Columbus in his forth trip to the so called New World. The city was founded on March 20th, 1597 by Francisco Valverde. From the very start this town has a vast history of treasures and lust as this was the richest port city during the 16th and 17th centuries for Spain and America. It was declared by UNESCO A World Heritage Site in 1980.

At the entrance of the town you can see the ruins of former fortifications: The San Jeronimo Fortress constructed in 1660 and San Lorenzo in 1595, this last one surrounded by a thick forest with an incredible diversity of species which is the only ideal site for bird watching. In the center of town the Customs or Accountancy Office is being built on the colonial building with Renaissance architecture dating back to 1615. You can also visit the San Felipe Church, site of the famous Black Christ of Portobello. On October 21st, the city became the scene of Panama’s most important religious traditions, with the Black Christ party where thousands of followers from the whole country get together.

Beyond Portobelo and following the road you will find the legendary city of Nombre de Dios which dates back to 1509 in the Santa Isabel district and to the left you can follow the path that leads to Cacique, Garrote or Puerto Lindo and La Guaira. From Puerto Lindo or Garrote you can ride on a speed boat and tour any of the following islands: Mamey Islands, Sordo, Palina, La Pelada, Linton, Cabra among others.

A few distance away you will find Grande Island; the most popular vacation resort that can compete with the best of its time in the country. A peaceful paradise with exuberant vegetation and well known in the region for its beautiful beaches and impressive coral reefs, ideal for fishing and diving. The island does not have roads and the majority of the commerce is found along the beach. There are few permanent residents in the area. The island includes luxury resorts and cabins that offer lodging, in addition to restaurants, bars and arts and crafts stores. The resort also has facilities for a vacationer to rent boats, speed boats, diving or fishing equipment or practice any other water sports.

You can find the Chagres National Park in the province of Colón as well as the Chagres River and Alajuela Lake which are the main attraction of the area, in addition to its beautiful flora and fauna. One of the priorities of the region is the preservation of the Water Basin of the Panama Canal.

Colon has much to offer for all those that love history, water sports and nature lovers without forgetting its best duty free zone. Worth visiting!

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