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  Panama City  
  Panama City  
  Panama City  
  Old Panama City (founded before 1671):
- Old Panama City´s Scale Model Museum.
- Our Lady of Asunción Cathedral.
- San Jose Convents.
- The Cathedral.
- Slaves Market.
- City Council.
- San Juan de Dios Hospital.

Colonial Section (founded in 1673):
- Arco Chato architectural piece.
- Metropolitana Cathedral.
- National Theater.
- Mayor Plaza or Independence Plaza.
- Bóvedas (former Spanish prison).
- The Garzas Palace or Presidential Palace.
- San Jose Church.
- Inter-Oceanic Canal Museum (Cathedral Plaza).

Modern Panama:
- Reina Torres de Arauz Anthropology Museum.
- History Museum (Municipal Palace).
- Afro-Antilles Museum.
- Contemporary Art Museum.
- Canal Region, with its three gate locks (Gatún, Miraflores and Pedro Miguel).
- Metropolitan Natural Park.
- Las Americas Bridge.
- Nuevo Centenario Bridge.
- The large Comercial Centers.
- The large National Transportation Terminal.
- Discos, casinos, bars, restaurants and recreational centers.
- Night Boat Tour through the Bay of Panama.
- Golf Courses (closest to the capital): Panama’s Golf Club, Gamboa Rainforest Golf Club, Summit Golf and Resort and the Coronado Golf and Resort.
- Gatún Lake.
- Panama Bay.
- Cruces Path.
- A Visit to the Emberá Communities.
Beaches and Islands (closest to the capital):
- Beaches of the Pacific: Raya Naos, Piaya Farfán, Kobbe Beach, Venado Beach, Veracruz Beach, Punta Chame, Nueva Gorgona, Coronado, San Carlos, El Palmar, Río Mar, Corona, Sea Cliff, Playa Blanca, Farallón (in Coclé).
- Taboga island.
- Contadora or Las Perlas Archipelago.
  • Bristol
• El Panamá
• Four Point Sheraton
• Intercontinental Miramar
• Intercontinental Playa Bonita
• Marriott Panamá
• Playa Blanca Resort
• El Ejecutivo
  • Panamá and Boquete
• Panamá and Anton Valley
• Panamá and Volcan
• Panamá and Gamboa Rainforest
• Panamá and Bocas del Toro Island
• Panamá and Coiba Island
• Panamá and Contadora Island
• Panamá and Coronado
• Panamá and Isla Grande
• Panamá and Las Barquetas
• Panamá and San Blas Island
• Panamá and San Jose Island

Panama City is one of the favorite destinations in Latin America. It is the capital of Panama and is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, in the continent´s narrowest stretch at the entrance of the Panama Canal and exactly 0 meters above sea level and with an approximate extension and incomparable form, some 2.560.8 square kilometers.

The city is characterized for being a great cosmopolitican metropolis and is recognized as an important international financial center. It has traditionally been a political, economic, adminstrative and cultural center of the Republic and where you can find the headquarters of the Government. It has an excellent location, tourism infrastructure and world quality services, making it the capital of congresses and incentives of the Americas.

In the history of the city, you cannot forget the construction of one of the largest heroic deed of engineering and architecture of the 20th century. The Panama Canal was inaugurated in 1914 and recognized as the 8th Wonder of the World. The construction of the canal benefitted the development of the region and increased the city´s infrastructure.

The city will tell you about its rich past and promising future. Here you can discover 2 thousand years of culture, trade and conquests. It is a destiny that links three marked cities for its time: Old Panama, founded in 1519 and the first city on firm land in the new world: Colonial Section, located in the San Felipe neighborhood, from 1673 to 1910, after the pirate Morgan looted the old city and lastly; the majestic modern metropolis lifted in the early 20th century.

The capital is a beautiful city which constrasts with the modern skyscrapers with huge 18th century mansions. A visitor will have the opportunity of finding different architecture, museums, galleries, cultural entities which exhibits anthropology and historic relics, as well as contemporary arts and natural science exhibitions. You can enjoy its old and modern streets, its old buildings like the Municipal Palace, National Theater, Government and Justice Palace, San Francisco Convent, Metropolitan Cathedral, among other values, homes, parks, churches and monuments.

At sunset, the capital is lit up to welcome those that love the night life, offering you a variety of cinemas, theaters, casinos, discos and excellent restaurants. On the other hand, Pamana City is characterized for having large modern commercial areas capable of satisfying different tastes and desires; its a huge travel center; as well as an acess to different air and maritime routes towards different tourism destinations in the region.

Few minutes from the capital city you can find beaches on the Pacific Coast (Punta Chame-Farallón) approximately 80 kilometers away with restaurants, resorts and other activities. If you prefer to navegate for about one hour and enjoy the peaceful waters and more beaches, you can visit the islands of Flores, Taboga or continue to Contadora located in Las Perlas archipelago. For all those that love eco tourism, the city offers you the chance of new adventures. Just a few minutes away, you can visit the Metropolitano National Park, as well as taking an expedition to the indigenous communities installed on the shores of the Chagres River in the area of Gamboa or other communities or destinations.

Panama City is unique, vibrant , undiscovered, a destination where a visitor can enjoy the beauty of two oceans in just one day!.

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