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  Panama Canal  
  Panama Canal  
  Panama Canal  
  - Three twin locks, Miraflores, Gatún and Pedro Miguel.
- Miraflores Visitors Center.
- The Canal´s Observation Tower (Miraflores Visitors Center).
- History Hall (Miraflores Visitors Center).
- El Agua-Fuente de Vida Hall (Miraflores Visitors Center).
- El Canal en Acción Hall (Miraflores Visitors Center).
- El Canal en el Mundo Hall (Miraflores Visitors Center).
- Gatún Lake.
  • Gamboa Rainforest Resort

The Panama Canal is one of humanity´s greatest piece of work. It is also one of the country´s main tourism attractions located in the narrowest region between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A piece of work that represents an ode of knowledge and a myth in human engineering divides the country into two regions from east to west.

From its inauguration on August 15th, 1914, the canal has offerd services and a quality and relatively cheap transportation route between two large oceans which has influenced on the international trade patterns as well as the economic opening and expansion of many countries. The traffic in the canal is mainly between the eastern coast of the US and the far East; while the traffic between Europe and the western coast of the United States and Canada constitutes the second main commercial route of the waterway.

From the technical point of view, this magnificent piece of engineering work from the Atlantic to the Pacific is 80 kilometers long; a depth of 12.8 meters in the Atlantic and 13.7 in the Pacific; width of 91 to 300 meters. It has two terminal ports one in each ocean; three sets of twin locks, Miraflores, Gatún and Pedro Miguel and one of the largest artificial lakes in the world, Gatún which covers 425 square kilometers and was formed by a land dam constructed through the riverbed of the Chagres River.

You can see a large part of the canal travelling by Panama´s railroad, the first transcontinental in the western hemisphere that runs parallel to the canal and offers an excellent view of the locks and the Gatún and Madden Lakes where a large amount of water is stored necessary for the operation of the canal. A visitor can also observe the operation of the whole modern engineering work of the canal visiting the huge Miraflores lock.

In the Miraflores Visitors Center and in each of its four exhibition halls you can learn about the Canal´s history, its operation, the canal´s river basin and the canal in modern maritime. The center includes an anfi-theater with a capacity to accomodate some 180 people. It also has an observation balcony, panoramic terrace and mechanical stairs between each exhibition halls. You can also enjoy restaurants, cafeterias, souvenir stores, salon for special events and spacious parking areas.

From the Panama Canal you can access to the universe of two oceans in one day. Take an adventure and do not lose the chance of having to see for yourselve the best human engineering of our time.

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