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Panama Surfing Tours
  Panama offers a lot of possibilities to lovers of surfing; waves of all intensities and complexities as well as different geographical formation on the coast allow surfers with different level of experience to enjoy surfing in this beautiful country.

We in panamatoptravel will arrange all services for you to have this lovely experience.

- Bocas del Toro   - Surfing in Isla Grande
- Pacific Beaches   - Surfing in Boca La Caja
- Surf in Chepillo Island   - Surf in Malibu Beach
- Serena Beach   - Teta Beach
- El Palmar   - Rio Mar
- Surfing Spots in Colón   - Isla Colón
- Bastimentos Island   - Carenero Island
- Los Santos - Pedasí   - Los Santos - Tonosí
- Cambutal   - Corto Circuito
- Venao Beach   - Surfing Spot in Veraguas
- Santa Catalina   - Mariato Beach
- Cébaco Island   - Darién
- Las Silvas Islands   - La Barqueta Beach
- Morro Negrito  
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