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Panama Sailing Tours

Continue the steps of the first explorers and do not lose the chance of navigating the waters of Panama. Panama´s Caribbean and Pacific region offers a visitor an infinity of islands and beaches, sports and ecological activities.

Take an adventure and navigate in catamaran, boat or kayac. Choose what you prefer, feel free to relax over agitated or peaceful waters: deep or not: with waves or without them, but in all, you will closely have the sun behind beautiful palm trees and facing a sea full of marine and tropical life.

- Navegating in Bocas del Toro   - Water skiing in Bocas del Toro
- Navigating the Zapatillas Key and the Bastimentos Marine Park   - Navigating on the Chagres River
- The Barro Colorado Natural Monument   - The Coiba Island National Park
- Navegating Punta Chame   - Bocas del Toro: Crawl Key
- Trip through the coasts of Farallón   - Kayac in the Panama Canal
- Sunset Trip by the Pacific Waters   - Water Safari on the Gatún Lake
- Navigating the Las Perlas Islands   - Travel on Yacht through the Panama Canal
- Travel the Panama Canal from One Ocean to Another   - San Blas in Catamaran
- The Gulf of Chiriquí Marine National Park   - Bocas del Toro: Boca del Drago and Swans Cay (Pájaros Island)
- Bocas del Toro: San Cristóbal Island   - Navigate through the Bocas del Toro Mangroves
- Bocas del Toro: Punta Hospital  
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