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Panama Canopy Tours   Panama River Rafting Tours
Panama Canopy Tours   Panama River Rafting Tours
Panama´s paradise richness together with its natural park network and protected areas turn this country into a paradise for nature lovers and for all those that enjoy flying among the trees in the modality of “Canopy”. Panama offers you the chance of exercising this adventure in many areas full of abundant forests and a rich flora and fauna.
  If you have ever dream of sliding through the rapids of a river, the best moment to do this is in Panama. One of the main characteristics of the geography of the isthmus, in addition to abundant jungles, are its tropical forests where there are enormous amount of extensive rivers. In several of them, there are proper landscapes to navigate on the rapids or better known as the practice of river rafting, in addition to the modality of kayaking tubing. Some of these rivers have category II, III and even V, ideal for the most daring. This adventure is carried out by professionals in adventure tourism, which will know how to guide you in a safe way through the trip.

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Panama Rappel Tours   Panama Sailing Tours   Panama Surfing Tours
Panama Rappel Tours   Panama Sailing Tours   Panama Surfing Tours
Panama offers you the chance of daring fear and experimenting the challenging gravity, while descending through the ropes and pulley enjoying the possibility of balancing power in a waterfall, descent a risky mass of rock surrounded by spectacular landscapes. The istmos has appropiate places to practice this sport.   Continue the steps of the first explorers and do not lose the chance of navigating the waters of Panama. Panama´s Caribbean and Pacific region offers a visitor an infinity of islands and beaches that includes all types of water, sports and ecological activities. Take an adventure and navigate in catamaran, boat or kayak. Choose what you prefer, feel free to relax over agitated or peaceful waters: deep or not that deep, with waves or without them, but in all, you will closely have the sun behind beautiful palm trees and facing a sea full of marine and tropical life.   Panama offers a lot of possibilities to lovers of surfing; waves of all intensities and complexities as well as different geographical formation on the coast allow surfers with different level of experience to enjoy surfing in this beautiful country.

We in panamatoptravel will arrange all services for you to have this lovely experience.
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